Our Services

Pixelmaxx provides high quality event-related motion graphics and service packages.

Motion Graphics for Events

Pixelmaxx provides adaptable elements by motion graphics that are theme-oriented and closely integrated into event rundown to intensify the powerfulness.

Projection Mapping

Pixelmaxx provides all-round package of projection mapping technology services for live performance.

Visual Effects

Pixelmaxx’s design team is well-equipped with comprehensive 3D and VFX technologies, utilizing edgy expertise to provide stunning visual effects in our projects.

Interactive Concept

Pixelmaxx encourages boundaryless ideas, putting interactive elements in our projects that dwells in one’s memory and reshaping traditional concepts.

Workflow Planning

Pixelmaxx’s project team will create the storyboard and sequential the storyline for each project, communicating with corresponding parties to lay the groundwork for planning and scheduling.

Choreography and Dancing

Pixelmaxx’s professional choreographers focus on the interaction between our dancers and the contents of video, make use of visual effects and dancers' actions to enhance live shows' atmosphere.

Recent Works


Hong Kong Office

1402-03 Nan Fung Comm. Centre, 19 Lam Lok St., Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Phone: +852-2850 7447
Fax: +852-2850 5403

Email: ideas@pixelmaxx.com

Shanghai Office

Unit 3001, 30/F, Riverview Garden, Shanghai, PRC. Postal Code 200001

Phone: +86-21-5308 5080

Email: shanghai@pixelmaxx.com

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